a little poem i wrote,hope u like it.

Sweet Dreams

Its the end of a long day
your eyes want to close,open they wont stay,

you want to just fall into heaven,fall into bliss,
you wait for sleep to touch u like a powerful kiss,

you drift off into peacefulness and calm,
sleep hits you like the whispers of a psalm,

you enter another world,a world of dreams,
a place where everything feels real,though nothing is as it seems,

you fly through amazing worlds,beautiful places,
meet new people,see old faces,

your in another life,a place of dreams,
filled with light,darkness,flowing like brooks and streams,

the hours pass,so slowly yet so fast,
the time is urging you wake up! but you want it to last,

suddenly you return to reality,
its seems cruel,so full of brutality,

but very quickly you get on your way,