Not quite manhunt but got this in a message from a faceless profile on adam4adam. Thought I'd share.

A4A guy Your profile made me smile and laugh. I can definately relate. It doesn't sound like you need to hear this, but wanted to shar this with you all the same. Consider it words of wisdom.

never any regrets for what it took to achieve my independance again after lots of adversity, everything happends for a purpose. Let me explain. By the graces of GOD, I experianced several things to put me where I needed to be at that time to help other people that needed their voice to be heard. All it takes it one voice, it doesn't have to be a loud one, just one that can be heard. It really does work, I am living proof. After loosing my grandmother, aunt, my apartment and being homeless, I now have my own NEW apartment / never been lived in; i was the first to take residence here in my new apartment. Its not a coinsodence; it was my measure of faith that got me this far.


I guess if I find faith wonderful things will happen to me. I wonder about stuff like this. Thank god when something positive occurs. Then when something negative occurs..... why don't we blame god?