So I did some research as I said I would do and found the dems who voted against the healthcare bill. Here they are and if you care about this, no matter what side you are on, you should get involved because it does matter to you. For example, I know of a great many people who have their partners on their health insurance and they are penalized for it by what the IRS calls 'imputed income'. The price of having the partner on the insurance policy is used and added to the employees gross income. This means they pay more in taxes. Do legally married couples have to pay this and deal with imputed income? Absolutely not. So not only is it unequal in taxes, it is also unequal in healthcare. Here are the folks that voted against bill. We all know that not a single republican voted for it so they are not listed. The house had 4 vacancies at the time of the vote and no independents.

Alabama-Bobby Bright, Parker Griffith, Arthur Davis
Arkansas-Robert Berry, Mike Ross
Georgia-James Marshall, John Barrow
Idaho-Walter Minnick
Illinois-Daniel Lipinski
Kentucky-Ben Chandler
Louisiana-Charles Melancon
Maryland-Frank Krastovil
Massachusetts-Stephen Lynch
Minnesota-Colin Peterson
Mississippi-Travis Childers, Gene Taylor
Missouri-Ike Skelton
New Jersey-John Adler
New Mexico-Harry Teague
New York-Michael McMahon, Michael Aracari
North Carolina-Mike McIntyre, Larry Kissell, Heath Shuler
Ohio-Zachary Space
Oklahoma-Dan Boren
Pennsylvania-Jason Attmire, Tim Holden
South Dakota-Stephanie Herseth Sandin
Tennessee-Lincoln Davis, John Tanner
Texas-Thomas Edwards
Utah-Jim Matheson
Virginia-Glenn Nye, Frederick Boucher

Link to see the votes and bill itself:

I found the rep who flipped and voted to pass the Reconciliation bill (HR 4872-the fixes being sent to the Senate)-It was Daniel Lipinski of Illinois.