I love to give oral sex. This is my technique

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    Mar 23, 2010 8:19 AM GMT
    Ok so, I dont even watch gay porn at all...I browse it because the men are hot, but the sex is so lame and mechanical, and the mens cocks aren't that big usually. I am gay, and not attracted to women sexually ,but love watching them get fucked. The reason I enjoy this, is because they just get WAYYYYYYY more nastier than the men and do everything WAYYYYY better (sucking, getting fucked, verbal, etc) I especially love giving head, and by watching straight porn and the womens technique, I can honestly say that by watching Sasha Grey, Jenna Haze, Marie Luv, Belladonna, and Jada Fire movies, I have improved my oral sex skills TREMENDOUSLY, and men LOVE it. If your curious as to the technique, its basically real aggressive sucking, lots of saliva, intense deep throating and holding to the base. since I have been doing those things, the men I give head to have been BLOWN AWAY (literally and figuratively) they like how eager and nasty it was and many said I was the best

    Why don't the gay men in gay porn suck dick like that? NOT EVEN ONE. If these petite women are able to be extremely nasty uninhibited sex sluts, the men should. We have strong jaws, aka, we suck dick better than women... supposedly.lol.

    Heres an example of something I did with a guy earlier. 32 year old hot Italian man. I was there for two hours, all i did was suck him, and i loved it! I went inside and layed him down on his bed. starting servicing him (was about 8 inches thick), lots of slurping on his dick, sucking his balls, saliva running down my chin...he fucked my face quite a few times as well, and it was pretty hot. I also told him to fuck my throat hard, gag me with his penis, and other nasty things. he was very satisfied and told me that was the BEST blow job he had ever seen. I love giving them, he loves to receive them. fair trade?

    I have done this oral sex technique with alot of men, and they were always extremely surprised (because it was extremely hot to them and none of them had ever experienced oral sex like that) that someone (me) was able to enjoy giving extremely intense/raunchy head...you know? Gay porn needs these types of scenes. They are very erotic and hot in these videos where the sex is very raunchy like this....more people should do it. I know the men I've done it with always come back for more...or at the very least make gay porn hotter to watch.


    p.s. if any hot men here in SF want me to show you how I do, I can work on your technique, if your cocks big of course
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    Mar 25, 2010 5:27 AM GMT
    Have this man washed and brought to my room.

    Actually, dont bother to have him washed.