It just happens that I saw a number of videos of security officers that had to be tazed as part of their training. They get shot in the back and their knees buckle (two officers hold them by the arms to let them down to the ground gently) and they scream and twitch long enough to get the point across that they are hurtin'. But I still can hardly imagine how the co-worker would have reacted to being tazed in the crotch. ... icon_eek.gif

"A sergeant with the Nogales Police Department has resigned after being put on administrative leave for zapping a fellow officer in the crotch with a Taser.

Police Chief Jeffrey Scott Kirkham confirmed on Wednesday that Sgt. Sergio Bon resigned last week for the incident that occurred in mid-February at the Nogales police station. The victim was a lower-ranking police officer.

"There was apparently some animosity and some joking around," Kirkham said. "The sergeant became agitated, pulled out his Taser, and hit him in the groin."

Both officers were on duty at the time, he said.

Bon had been with the department for 18 years; the victim has been with the department about a decade.

The victim officer did not file any charges, but Bon would likely have been terminated had not submitted his resignation, Kirkham said."