Raising money for my doing an HIV/AIDS walk this Sunday, have a web page and all that good stuff, where friends can pledge with their credit cards, have a nice amount going. My recuperating partner is still too weak to do it himself this year, as he has in the past, but he'll be doing support. What a hero he is!

I won't post the link here, because I know my many RJ enemies will only try to sabotage it. But I do mention it to thumb my noses at them, those who challenge my commitment to gay causes, quick to criticize me, while offering no evidence of anything tangible they have ever done for our gay community, other than offer lip service, and to knock those who actually do something.

Every step I take with my cane, I will be driven forward by the likes of southbeach1500, CaJock753, and Pattison, who seek to undermine and betray us at every turn. I do need their hatred & opposition, to energize & focus me, to give me a purpose.

I would be content to be a lazy, disinterested old fat thing (the fat I've already achieved, the old a given). Having a purpose again gives me a goal in my old age. That purpose is gay rights and interests.