Hi guys,

Let me start by saying I don't like being a white collar worker and I don't want to spend my life working my ass off for somebody else's business.

Ok, here is what is happening - I have worked 5 months in an HR company and during that time I have been doing some telemarketing, job management, a little marketing activities and basic things around the office. The Job management involved taking care of the documentation and everyday problems of 150 employees and helping them improve their work. It was a very responsible position and it didn't go too well. I had absolutely no experience and it didn't go perfect, but it was OK.

Now that project is over, so I am no longer needed as a Job manager and since our Sales manager had a baby recently, we need a new one. And my boss is going to change my position to something between telemarketing, just marketing, office manager AND he wants to train me for a Sales manager.
This is supposed to be good. BUT ...

I am 19, have no experience and my boss has done things that I didn't like. For example - I have the right to 25 days of paid holiday for my studies, according to the Labour code in Bulgaria, but when I was abscent for 11 days, he marked it as unpaid holiday and then my salary was smaller. Much smaller.

This was the first part.... icon_biggrin.gif

On the other hand I am thinking of starting my own business. I think I have a good idea, it's unique for my country and it can really happen, because it is something that people are willing to spend money on, despite the economical condition.
So do you think I should quit and follow what I want to do or stay at the job I already have and try to make it happen?

Thanks for reading and I am open for suggestions icon_smile.gif