Country Torn A Part by Health Care.

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    Mar 31, 2010 3:57 PM GMT
    House Republicans Look to Impeach A.G. Baker
    By Susanna Capelouto
    Updated: 2 hours ago

    ATLANTA — More than 30 Republican House members want to impeach Democratic Attorney General Thurbert Baker because he will not sue the federal government over health care legislation.

    Attorney General Thurbert Baker says "there was not a viable legal claim" to pursue a lawsuit against new federal health care mandates.The impeachment resolution in the state House needs a majority there and then a two-thirds majority in the state Senate to be successful.

    State Republicans are angry with Baker because he refused to sue the Obama Administration on behalf of Governor Perdue. Baker says he is not intimidated by the fact that some Republicans want to impeach him.

    "And I'm convinced that the position that I have taken is absolutely correct. There is no legal basis to file a lawsuit against the federal government in this case. We're right and we're gonna stand by our conviction."

    Democrats hold enough seats in the state Senate block the impeachment.

    Governor Sonny Perdue says the legislature a few bigger problems to fix, before they should occupy themselves with impeachment proceeding. But the Governor says lawmakers have the right to start the proceedings.

    The Reality in Georgia:

    With a government deficit in the millions. It unbelievable to me that the state law makers waste tax payer dollars on impeachment preceding that is going to be blocked because the democrats hold enough seats to do so.

    What is even more stupid in the Governor of this Red state is hiring outside counsel to sue the government over the Health Care Bill, and the tax payers would also have to fit the bill to pay for its litigation.
    There was a time when men accepted defeat with dignity and honor. Where have those days gone?

    The state of Georgia in particular in Atlanta is facing school closures which means over crowding of classes and staff being laid off on all levels.
    There is one transit service is being discontinued as of mid-night tonight leaving thousands of commuters stranded with no alternative to get to work, school...ect. They are wasting monies that could be used to shore up the school district debt and finding an alternative for the people being displaced due to the public transit nightmare. It instead they are luanching a battle that they will loose.

    Has the world gone MAD!

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    Mar 31, 2010 5:28 PM GMT
    To paraphrase the movie The Usual Suspects, the greatest trick the right wing ever pulled was convincing their constituents that the only place they can get reliable information is from Fox News. The right wing media has created a hysteria over this health care bill that is simply mind-boggling. It's no wonder certain people are terrified of this legislation. They turn on Fox or right wing talk radio and it's like listening to Orson Welles' War of the Worlds broadcast.
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    Mar 31, 2010 6:09 PM GMT
    It's like the hysteria of the passage of the Civil Rights Bill revisited.icon_eek.gif