Ohio recommendations?

  • shoelessj

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    Apr 07, 2010 10:45 PM GMT
    hey guys, i'm going to be in ohio this week and at the end of the month -- this coming week on the way home from Pa., will stop in cleveland for a weekend to watch a baseball game, then at the end of the month will be in cincinnati for a 10K run.

    i've never been to either city, so i'm wondering what fun stuff you'd recommend, as far as brunch places, neat attractions (i am not interested in the rock n roll hall of fame, though), museums, interesting food, gayborhoods (does either city have a gayborhood?), not into loud dance clubs, but like friendly, laidback gay bars (will be traveling with my bf), or any cool, arty, hip neighborhoods regardless of gay or straight.

    would also be interested to know what you guys who've been to either city or live there think of them. thanks.

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    Apr 08, 2010 2:40 AM GMT
    If you are in Cleveland this weekend might I suggest you go North Coast Men's Chorus concert "Too Marvelous for Words" Saturday April 10th at 8pm and Sunday April 11th 3pm. For tickets go to www.ncmchorus.org or call 216-556-0590. It features songs from early Twentieth century and some wonderful dance numbers.ncmchorus.org

    Bars in Cleveland include:
    Bounce (mixed patrons very young too)
    Bottoms up (a smaller bounce)
    Man's World Complex
    The Hawk

    Google them for specific locations and enjoy your stay.
  • BuckeyeJock13

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    Apr 08, 2010 3:07 AM GMT
    I'd say stop by Columbus. lol. Cleveland does have a world class art museum located in University Circle I'd also check out the Coventry area. There is a great wine bar there called La Cave. Gay bars tend to be more on the west side of Cleveland near Lakewood. In Lakewood there is a small neighborhood gay bar called Twist that's nice. Cleveland doesn't have as well defined gayborhoods as other cities, but Lakewood and the Ohio City area do have a larger population. If you like being outside and the weather is nice, check out the metroparks which encircle the entire greater Cleveland area. I grew up in Cleveland, but left there a few years ago and I don't hit the scene often up there when I return. Let me know what you think of The Jake...it's called Progressive field now, but it will always be The Jake to Indians fans who remember the days when the Tribe was good in the 90s.

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    Apr 08, 2010 3:55 AM GMT
    I believe that the last weekend in April is CLAW weekend. (Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend) If you're into the leather scene, this is a huge event. Check it out.
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    Apr 08, 2010 4:03 PM GMT
    If you like nature and hiking, the Metro Parks in Cleveland are really great for that. The Metro Parks are like a necklace and circle the entire city. I also recommend the boat tour that goes through the Flats of Cleveland and also goes out on Lake Erie where you get a beautiful view of the Cleveland skyline. I don't think it's that expensive either, but it's been a few years since I took the tour. The Flats of Cleveland on the river are really great for dining and wineing. icon_smile.gif
  • shoelessj

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    Apr 20, 2010 1:48 AM GMT
    just got back and have much unpacking to do but i wanted you guys to know that the jake, er, 'progressive' field was really nice. helped that it was like 40 degrees out and hardly 15,000 people, if that many, at the game. i doubt there is a bad seat in the house there. the food could have been a bit more diverse though. [i did pick up a couple jugs of that stadium mustard for home, though -- that stuff is great!] also hit little italy and found a cool little cafe on 4th street, downtown.

    i'll add more details later. but cleveland wasn't so bad, really.
  • shoelessj

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    Apr 22, 2010 4:04 PM GMT
    So, the Jake was great - not a bad seat in the house. Our seats were only a few rows behind home plate. the bad thing was there was a loudmouthed d-bag a couple rows in back of us who was screaming at everty single freakin' pitch. after about three innings i had to go take a walk. when i was coming back to our seats my bf and his friend met me and said they had to move because the guy was still shouting and would not shut up -- he was in his 40s, it looked like, with another ugly guy about his age and an older man, maybe their dad -- bet he's proud. i said before we move lets tell someone. so we went to an usher and a cop and explained why we were moving. we didn't ask them for anything, i just calmly told them that we were looking for other seats, and why. the usher apologized and said they couldn't do anything unless the guy cursed, which he hadn't. the cop said, 'follow me.' and he found four seats one section over, all together, great seats as well, as said, 'how are these?' we thanked him profusely. then he came over later and joked with me that if he had noticed my circa 1983 white sox jersey sooner he wouldn't have given us such good seats. that, fortunately, was the impression we got of most of the folks we met in cleveland -- pretty nice folks.

    we found a cool little cafe on 4th street downtown, called the erie cafe, which is owned by a guy who is originally from seattle and has some cool artwork on the walls and free wi-fi (which our fancy 'renaissance' hotel did not have. i mean really, $200 a night for a room and you charge $12.95 for an internet hookup? no way.)

    he recommended a couple brunch places, and we settled on a place called Grumpy's, which was great. relaxed, crowded, but no wait for a table and great (and spicy!) food.

    we also headed to the little italy area, which if i can say so, is more interesting and vibrant and nicer than chicago's. we ate at la dolce vita, which had great food, friendly wait staff, and a nice crowd, from old folks dressed up for a night out to a couple skinny jeans boys hanging out at the bar. i also appreciated that they played the movie la dolce vita on the wall.

    there were many places i wanted to check out that we didn't have time for but i can say that i have a good impression of cleveland and i wouldn't mind heading back sometime.