Graduate student looking for serious long term relationship.

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    Apr 08, 2010 2:29 AM GMT
    I am bottom, 175cm, 70kg, and 28 years old, living in downtown toronto. I am a graduate student from China. This is my first time to post ad online. I think the appearance is not that important, personality and beauty inside account more. I do not think I am handsome, I am just average looking like a student or researcher wearing glass. So I do not have the confident that you guys will like me and want to develope a relationship with me, but I still hope I can find my friends and develop a serious long term relationship, cuz I am a reliable person and I can sacrifice myself for my friends worth to do so. I can also cook delicious food, hope one day you can enjoy that. In my spare time I also like playing volleyball, swimming twice or three times a week, skating.

    I love brokeback mountain very much, I was deeply moved by that great movie, whenever I heard the music and referred to the scene of that movie, I would cry. Really hope I can have that kind of relationship. It is the best love story I have never watched before.I bought it on DVD and I bought the CD soundtrack of the movie.The movie made me cry and continues to do so everytime I watch it. I believe true love is boundless of gender, age, culture. It is at the level of soul. Even people from different countries and cultures will have the common things for their emotion.

    I really hope I can find you! If you have the same idea, it is better you are in my age, I do not hope the generation gap will affect our dating. We can try to start to chat and see where we can go.

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    Apr 09, 2010 5:34 PM GMT