Running/Jogging Shoes... What is the best brand to buy?


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    Apr 09, 2010 2:14 AM GMT
    I have jogged for the past 4 years, and I have not had much trouble with the shoes I've used, but I also haven't jogged any great distances with them. I am, more or less, a bodybuilder sort of guy that has not put much prudence on jogging or running - at least up until lately. Last week, I made it my goal to go out and jog a relatively long distance - 2 miles. In reality I unknowingly jogged close to 5 miles, which probably explained why I felt like crap the next day.

    While I was jogging, my feet were KILLING me. I had to stop every so often to just walk so my feet could relax - I have never had this problem before. The difference between now and before is the fact I am now jogging on asphalt as opposed to dirt. I am temporarily living in an area that is rural, and has no real jogging paths or sidewalks; in effect, all I have is country roads to jog down. I personally don't really care for treadmills - the feeling isn't the same as being outside.

    The day after my jog, my lower back was killing me, but my feet felt fine. Granted this back issue may have stemmed from me having to jump into a ditch to avoid getting run over by a car. I stretched prior to jogging, so I don't think that was the issue. I am thinking the issue is the fact my shoes are not up to par for the area I'm running.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for any decent brands of jogging/running shoes? I am going out tomorrow to scout for some deals on shoes, but I don't want to pay a fortune unnecessarily. Thanks!
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    Apr 09, 2010 2:27 AM GMT
    Saucony is all I'll buy.
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    Apr 09, 2010 2:34 AM GMT
    shoes don't usually last beyond 700-800km. maybe the Asics Kayano can reach 1000 km.

    do you over pronate ?
    for light motion control :
    i train in asics gt-2150 but i'm getting some racing flats for races.

    i've been on Saucony's Omni shoes ( the 4 and the 5 ) and liked them very much. They offer more cushioning than the Asics and offer a better traction if you venture into light trails.
    The 2150 are a little stiffer, but i think slightly lighter ( not sure ) and have a slicker sole ( perfect for pavement but they suck in snow ).

    Brooks Adrenaline GTS are also a good price/quality purchase.

    i'm definitely not a Nike guy. I had a pair of Nike Air once and hated them.

    the Kayano is for severe pronators.

    best is to consult a specialty shop where sales clerks are good runners themselves. they'll evaluate your style of running and can suggest a few shoes.
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    Apr 09, 2010 2:52 AM GMT
    I second the suggestion of going to the specialty shop. Before I went, I too was looking online for the best brand, and I came across some of the same names that have been mentioned thus far.

    At the shop, the guy had me walk back and forth to figure out my type: neutral, overpronation, or underpronation. Once he knew I was neutral, then he introduced to shoes that work best for me. I was able to test them by doing a short jog outside the store. My favorite pair are my Mizunos.
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    Apr 23, 2010 2:43 AM GMT
    I too would suggest going to a running store to have you're gait reviewed to see whether you need "stability" or "neutral" shoes. The difference in wearing the proper shoe for your foot can be the difference in pain or no pain in your legs after the run.
    As for the brand: I love New Balance. They're made in the USA and are great shoes for running. I did buy a pair of Under Armour... not bad. I'm comfortable in them when I run.
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    Apr 23, 2010 2:44 AM GMT
    BROOKS !!!
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    Apr 23, 2010 2:48 AM GMT
    im really wide and size 12 so reebok makes the best shoe

    nike is to thin, puma constriciting and new balance are not made for flat feet
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    Apr 23, 2010 2:51 AM GMT
    Go to a running specialty store. As you can see everyone has their own favorite brand. Mine is Asics, worn them for years. I've tried Brooks, Saucony, New Balance, Nike and the Asics fit me best. You need the brand of shoe that fits YOUR feet best. The staff at most running stores are very knowledgeable in terms of fitting your feet with the most appropriate shoe.
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    Apr 23, 2010 2:52 AM GMT
    ASICS Gel series. Loved my 2090s more than any other shoe but they are, alas, long discontinued. Currently in several 2100 series pairs.

    Go to a running store with treadmill analysis of your running style. This will help you pick the right shoe. I always ask the salesperson to bring out some recently discontinued models... they're the same as the 'latest' shoes and they're typically much cheaper.
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    Apr 23, 2010 2:53 AM GMT
    paulflexes saidSaucony is all I'll buy.

    Saucony Progrids... best running shoes made.
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    Apr 23, 2010 2:54 AM GMT
    I agree with Saucony's. Ive tried other shoes and they give me blisters and are uncomfortable. I have never had a problem with saucony and they are great to run in.
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    Apr 23, 2010 2:55 AM GMT
    Asics Kayano--The Cadillac of running shoes--