UTIs: Nonspecific Urethritis

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    Apr 12, 2010 10:15 PM GMT
    Well, guess what. I don't have sex for 3-4 months because I got scabies, and then I receive oral sex and get a UTI. After peeing in the cups at the doctor, they come up with nonspecific urethritis that is caused by ureaplasma urealyticum and is treated the same as chlamydia. Even though it is not one of the main STIs, it is often transmitted sexually. I had a lymph node in my groin the size of a Brazil nut and was very sensitive, and I also get my pee burning like hell (I had to audibly yell like I was lifting 500 lbs or giving birth through my urethra to anesthetize myself mentally to pee).

    Lesson learned: do not hookup. Especially don't hookup with people who are 'discreet because they have a girlfriend.' Yea, maybe you're discreet because you don't want me to go psycho on you for giving me an STI. I think I'm done with hookups. It's not worth it at all anymore. I can think of other things to spend $300 on rather than lab tests for my pee and antibiotic.
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    Apr 13, 2010 12:37 AM GMT
    I hope you told this person they are sickicon_exclaim.gif
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    Apr 13, 2010 12:41 AM GMT
    onstagebuffnaked saidI hope you told this person they are sickicon_exclaim.gif

    U. urealyticum is part of the normal genital flora of both men and women. It is found in about 70% of sexually active humans. A person who has it in their genital/urethral tract is not 'sick'. it is easy to understand why it might get into someone's mouth during oral sex. one person's U. urealyticum might make another person 'infected' because it's not the blowjob receiver's strain, but the person who gave the blowjob to the OP is not ill.

    shit happens... treat it, learn and move on.
  • BlackBeltGuy

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    Apr 13, 2010 12:43 AM GMT
    yeah he was just really sensitive to it. some patients re-act some do not. men can have chlamydia for years and not know it.
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    Apr 13, 2010 1:04 AM GMT
    So I don't understand, they should still have treatment and you need to inform them.
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    Apr 13, 2010 1:15 AM GMT
    onstagebuffnaked saidSo I don't understand....

    my prior response of 'clearly' was meant to be cute but was really rude. I apologize.

    Two sexual partners engaging in oral sex can transmit their own strain of U. urealyticum into their partner's mouth. If kissing is involved after oral sex, It is easy to instill 'your own' strain into the other partner's mouth and then into your partner's urethra if you return to oral/genital contact. That may cause an 'infection' in your partner without being an illness in you.

    Maybe that helps.
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    Apr 13, 2010 2:34 AM GMT
    no problem,
  • davepalen

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    Apr 13, 2010 2:45 AM GMT
    What antibiotic did they give you?
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    Apr 13, 2010 3:03 AM GMT
    davepalen saidWhat antibiotic did they give you?

    a macrolide (e.g. azithromycin or erythromycin) or a tetracycline (e.g. doxycycline) will work.
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    Apr 13, 2010 6:07 AM GMT
    I get the antibiotic tomorrow. I'll find out then. Until then, the pain is till there, the urethra is inflamed and red, the pee burns, the lymph nodes hurt, and now I have bizarre lower GI distress, but I have a very high threshold for tolerance there (that probably sounds like I'm boasting about a sexual ability, but not intended).

    I have attempted to inform all partners. Unfortunately, only one of three has responded and likely not the one I got it from, so I feel bad for him even having to worry.

    I topped once with a condom, and I also received/gave oral (of course, without a condom).

    Even if I'm not used to someone else's bacteria of a different strain, I think you still need antibiotic for it. It's certainly not going away on it's own. People tell me cranberry juice. I searched the literature on Pubmed.gov and just found a 'possible' but not very well researched mechanism that cranberry juice can aid in making the urinary tract less sticky. It has not been proven as an effective treatment yet, but it has reduced the incidence of infections in women only (no studies about men, and in general, there are few studies with supportive evidence).

    It's too bad all cranberry juice has ~150 kcal per 8 fl. oz., with about 28g of sugar. It's not really on my diet. Cranberry sauce isn't much better. It's also difficult to find pure juice...all of it is 15% juice cocktail.
  • shutoman

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    Apr 13, 2010 12:42 PM GMT
    I'm no clinician - but I would opt for rightasrain's prescription over cranberry juice without too much agonising.

    Plus he has the most beautiful back!
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    Apr 13, 2010 1:35 PM GMT
    I read that it can be contracted from genital-to-genital or oral-to-genital contact.
    Not saying this about you specifically Blue, but this is a good example of how safe sex practices aren't really 'safe' like it makes people think. There are many kinds of diseases that can be transferred between people when in close contact, sometimes without people even knowing they are infected with something and passing it on to others.

    This is one practical example of why I think open relationships and promiscuous sexual contact put individuals and their partners at greater risk for disease even if they practice 'safe sex'. People are hardly ever regularly tested for all possible diseases they can catch or transmit.

    This happens with others diseases like E. histolytica too. Gay men are at risk for it and have higher incidence of it than the regular population and most gay men don't even know they have it and for some the infection can turn into an invasive infection over time.
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    Apr 14, 2010 5:20 AM GMT
    Before I got the antibiotic today (azithromycin), I got the clear discharge and the most painful burning pee of my life as well as a lymph node so swollen I could barely walk around without it popping around and hurting. Now about 10 hours later, I am finally starting the healing process and my pee doesn't burn *as much*, hopefully tomorrow things will be normal again.
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    Apr 14, 2010 11:27 PM GMT
    So...how long does this take to clear up after you get the antibiotic? The thing is still inflamed looking as ever and burns just as bad as before, ESPECIALLY when fluids of varying pH go through (ie urine and semen). If I don't get rid of this soon I might start getting into S&M.
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    Apr 15, 2010 3:05 AM GMT
    MuchMoreThanMuscle saidYou can also take cranberry extract in gelcap form. It has no sugar and you get the benefits of the nutrients found in cranberries. You can buy this at just about any health food store.

    Another good tip is to try and urinate after having sex. Urine by itself is a good cleanser and can push out any creepy crawlers before they have a chance to move in permanently.

    I had nonspecific urethritis about 6 weeks ago. Thought I had chlamydia but the test showed it wasn't. I was immediately treated for it with azithromycin and I started feeling better in about half a day and symptoms were gone in about a day.

    In my case it didn't hurt as much as yours did. It feels like the tip of my penis is very 'wet' and is a mild irritation for me when urinating. Sorry you were in so much pain. That's no fun at all. icon_cry.gif

    My tips...always urinate after having sex. Maybe even drink a lot of water before you know you will have sex so you can excuse yourself from time to time to take a piss break during long bouts of whore sex. icon_smile.gif

    And try cranberry extract gelcaps. At the very least it's healthy for your urinary tract. icon_smile.gif

    Hmm thanks for the tips. My scientific curiosity has the best of me. My hypothesis: guys who precum experience mild or fewer symptoms than dry guys and light cummers. I barely produce any juice at all, even after, and definitely not during.
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    Apr 27, 2010 3:55 PM GMT
    They have run all the tests possible: urinalysis, gon/chlam test, and a culture. I peed in 3 cups.

    Everything is negative (no UTI, no gon/chlam), and I still have urethritis. No, I didn't ever have frequency of urination. It's all localized to the last 0.5 cm of my urine tube. 3 weeks ago I was given antibiotic for it (azithromyacin), and all it did was make the pain go from a 8 of 10 when peeing or passing semen (ha, and it really makes you think twice about doing that since it ruins the moment completely), to about a 3 or 4 of 10. Before any of this, pain was 0 of 10.

    So, I still have some urethritis, and there is no bacteria down there that is causing it. No there is no discharge. The university docs aren't sure what's going on. I think next stop is referring myself to a bonafide urologist.

    The guy I thought that gave me it got tested and has nothing. No past guys have anything...
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    Apr 28, 2010 1:31 AM GMT
    Just wonder if you were checked for herpes since it causes nonspecific urethritis. Herpes urethritis is extremely painful and is associated with enlarged tender lymph nodes in the groin. The first episode of herpes can last 2 to 4 weeks. Herpes urethritis is usually caused by herpes simplex type 1 (which causes cold sores) and is contacted during oral sex. Genital herpes is caused by herpes simplex type 2. U. urealyticum commonly coexists with other pathogens since 70% of sexually active individuals are carriers. Oral and genital herpes can be transmitted by an individual even he has no blisters.

    Here is a link to an STD forum that discusses a similar problem. He has urethitis and a tender enlarged lymph node.

    If the primary care physician you are seeing is unable to diagnose your problem, you need to see a specialist.