Chondromalacia (Runners Knee) and Iliotibial Band Syndrome (I-T)...Knee Injury advice.

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    Apr 13, 2010 1:21 AM GMT
    I did spinning Friday @ the gym. The seat came loose 3 times. I thought I did something wrong - not strong enough to tighten the knob..right. So this threw off my rotation and apparently messed up my knee.

    I started feeling pain on Sunday walking down stairs and movements where I stabilize myself to change directions. Web research suggested runners knee or Chondromalacia, and telling the gym attendant today the bike was broke a spin trainer behind her overheard. He said I messed up my IT band, do hot compresses for 24hours and stretches I should be okay. Web research says Ice.

    My questions

    What do you think I have?

    I only have pain in kinda my lower knee cap, no glute/hips/quad/back. Only when I stabilize myself with my body. I can move it in all directions fine, practically pain free.


    What do I do?
    Ice? Heat?

    I've been sitting with heat packs on my quad now researching for 30 min and I'm almost pain free, even on stairs.

    Help boys?

    Thanks, CTH
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    Apr 13, 2010 2:00 AM GMT
    Rest for a few days and see it the symptoms subside. Another possibility is torn cartilage, which I had myself. Do you have any swelling or a bulge behind your knee when standing? (Commonly called a Baker cyst) This is caused by excess synovial fluid from a number of possible knee joint problems. It's significance is that if your knee is producing a popliteal cyst then you have incurred a sufficient injury to warrant a visit to your doctor, followed by a possible orthopedic referral. Good luck.