While some of you think soaps are ridiculous (they are to a point). I had been pleased about "As the World Turns" with Noah & Luke and certainly "One Life to Live" and the Kyle & Oliver characters. Kyle was a med student and Oliver was a cop on the show. The latter gay couple were just awarded custody of Oliver's daughter. It was pretty groundbreaking.... and then.... trash time!

Too controversial for the older viewers (bullshit)

An article I pulled on the subject:

Brett Claywell and the Cancellation of a Groundbreaking Gay Plotline on Daytime TV
Published April 09, 2010 by:
Ashley Mott

Soap Opera One Life to Live Ended the Character of Kyle Lewis Early
Brett Claywell, an actor who portrays the character of Kyle Lewis on the daytime soap opera One Life to Live, is currently embroiled in a mini-controversy over the sudden release of
his character Kyle Lewis's plot line with the character of Oliver Fish portrayed by Scott Evans. Entertainment Weekly reported that ABC has released an official statement stating that the lack of support among fans for the gay plot line of Kyle Lewis and Scott Evans was their main motivation in canceling.

Many network soap operas have faced cancellation in recent months while classics have ended their decade long reign due to low ratings. ABC decided to follow the wants and desires of their core demographic and shave three months off of Brett Claywell's commitment to the show. Many current fans of daytime TV programming are older people who are a bit more resistant to contemporary plotlines. The straw that may have sent many of these more conservation fans over the edge in terms of tolerance could have been the portrayal of the first gay love scene on daytime TV.

Brett Claywell, who has been quite outspoken about his disappointment with the early cancellation of his character, has stated that he felt the love scene was a natural development of the two character's love for each other and was expressed no differently than any heterosexual coupling on soap operas.

Since the story first broke about ABC's cancellation of the plot line, rumors have been reported through other media outlets stating that the potential reason for the release was based on Brett Claywell demonstrating party animal tendencies. Claywell later responded to these claims through the zap2it.com web-site by stating that there was "absolutely no truth to this rumor." He also labeled the erroneous comments as "malicious"