Any poets out there care to share?
I have a sort of Dr. Seuss mentality about poetry, and here is one describing my outlook on living life. (I'm not saying I'm the best poet, but whats there is from the heart) Don't be shy! icon_biggrin.gif

The Flow

Let me tell you about the Flow!
It goes and goes and goes and goes!
Ride the tidal wave of life!
Love the triumphs, embrace the strife.
Walk with purpose because you know,
It goes and goes and goes and goes!
It goes it goes then hits a wall!
Be mindful and traverse this stall!
Be yourself and be aware!
Create your world from all that’s there!

Now Inhale deep, jump in the pool!
Exhale and break the cardinal rule!
Sink and sit upon the floor!
Meet the Flow; you’re at its door!
The Flow you see, it flows from you!
This space, this time, you warrant true!
Rubix cube Infinity!
This moment’s yours, they all could be!
Applaud yourself, you’re finally there!
But, alas you still need air!

At this interface of mind and matter,
Instinct makes you choose the latter!
You kick your feet against the ground!
Still mortal, yet you’re surface bound!
Now breathe it in for the first time!
A world with Flow, uniquely MINE!
Yes I switched from you to me!
This world is MINE, I hope you see!
It’s in this realm I live my dreams!
Boundlessly, and with no seams!

By Cody P.