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    Apr 15, 2010 3:58 PM GMT
    I wrote this for a class. It is offensive. Feel free to fan the flames.

    What Happened to Stereotypes

    Many stereotypes exist for a reason: Stereotypes are truth. An observant person can walk down the hallways of Stockton and pick out the over-tanned sorority sisters, the hung over frat boys, the mannish lesbians, and the gender-confused gays; the latter with their swishing hips and overt lisps. There is nothing wrong with any of these groups. These people can live out their lives in the status quo and everyone will get along just fine. I have no problem interacting with any of these groups; the only issue arises when someone breaks the rules. The proper way to address this issue is not to change my perception of social groups, but to figure out why these discrepancies happen. There are too many groups to address everyone so I will focus my intents on homosexual men; they strive for the attention, anyway.

    Homosexuals are defined as somebody attracted to the same sex. I think we can take this a step further by adding that the typical homosexual man is a flamboyant, drug abusing, lisping, and showy man who prefers the moniker “girl” when being referred to and talking to others of his group. He knows where all the parties are and which celebrity wore what on any particular day. He frequents gas station bathrooms, circuit parties, and is generally the comic relief in his group of hetero friends. Exclamatory phrases of, “OHMYGAWD this is my SONG,” are common when listening to music, as well as limp wrists, rolling eyes, and lewd sarcasm. There are parades and cruises held in honor of homosexuals, though none for heterosexuals, which I find too exclusive and unfair for my taste, but I am not about to fight a gay out of machismo pride.

    Gay bashing takes anti-gay prejudice a little too far. Incidences of gay-bashing have been known to happen frequently in the South and occur with less frequency in the northern United States. I am not condoning violence against them, but as a God-fearing Christian man born and raised in America, I understand where the perpetrators of these crimes are coming from. If these dress-wearing woman-wannabe queers are not shown that heterosexual men are not interested in them, then what would stop them from asking me on a date? Queer is a word used to describe something out of the ordinary such as gays, I am all for the use of this word. Queers are different from average so we must be able to treat them that way. Also, the idea that gays generally take drugs to relieve the fact that society acts out against them is a fallacy. Gays take drugs because they are morally ambivalent and it makes the lifestyle easier to enjoy.

    Homosexuals confuse me with their attempts at gay “marriage”; which, as the Bible says, is between a man and a woman. Case and point: it was Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. So we give them civil unions. Civil unions are just as good as the real thing, but with their hands tied a little; who says they do not like that, anyway? Civil unions allow gays to be recognized as a couple in certain states, but without 1,138 rights allowed to married couples such as hospital visitations, property ownership rights, and child custody. They do not even need these anyway since most homosexuals rarely stay with a single person throughout their lives. Besides, four out of five evangelical divorcees believe marriage is sacred so we cannot have homosexuals muddying up the sanctity of marriage all willy-nilly. Also, in Canada there is only a recorded number of three same-sex marriage divorces, but I am disregarding this on the basis that same-sex marriages are relatively new so the divorces will occur like a tidal wave in the near future; I am crossing my fingers.

    My main concern with homosexuals is they are becoming harder to identify. Actors and comedians like Neil Patrick Harris and Portia De Rossi confuse me. Neil admits to being gay but he “mans it up” on television by playing the average womanizing bro in “How I Met Your Mother”. Portia De Rossi is married, dear lord, to Ellen Degeneris, and yet she played a perfectly beautiful woman with hetero relationships on “Better off Ted”. Honestly I half expected her to yell out words like “Home Depot” or get a mullet halfway through the show. I am all for gays acting straight on television but when they start acting straight in real life I become confused and scared. I do not want to have to ask someone if they are gay, they should be blaringly obvious with a rainbow cape of some sorts or maybe even a pink triangle on their clothing like Adolf Hitler enforced. Not to say they should be abused for this, just that some form of recognition should be required. Nowadays I cannot walk around without wondering if the football player looking at me is checking me out or not, and I do not like it one bit. So I understand if acting straight is a way for gays to hide from those who would abuse them (rednecks, mostly), but at least let me recognize if I should steer clear of you if I am alone in a hallway and walking by you; it would make life better for both of us.

    As you can tell, these reasons are why gays continue to make attempts at breaking stereotypes. It is a self-defense mechanism against being attacked for being who they are; which I think they should man up about, but only in that respect. They also want to seem normal enough to have a marriage, which never will and never should happen since they are gay. All homosexual men who act straight are living a lie and should own up to it. Homosexuals should have a quotient of tendencies to act upon each year so they can be recognized, such as required lisps, exuberant hand motions, or a badge to wear on clothing. As long as straight people can recognize the homosexuals from the heterosexuals, I will know who to talk to about relationship advice and who to ask about current celebrity gossip. I will have it no other way.
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    Apr 15, 2010 4:04 PM GMT
    Not satirical enough for me…tracking nonetheless.