Bone Spur in Shoulder - Surgery?

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    Apr 17, 2010 12:15 AM GMT
    Hey all,

    Back in October '09 I started feeling a lot of discomfort while working out nearly anything involving my left shoulder. I stopped working out on it for a few weeks to let whatever was wrong fix itself. I started feeling pain doing normal daily tasks (I recall feeling it a lot when I was turning the wheel of my car). Weeks turned into months and I finally went and saw a doctor about it.

    The first doctor told me to take some Aleve or other anti-inflammatory pill. This did very little for the pain. I went and saw another doctor, a shoulder joint specialist, who had me get an MRI. The results came back that I had developed a bone spur in my shoulder. He gave me a cortisone shot to see if that would make things better. The shot really only helped for a few weeks. They were hoping it would last a few months. After trying a prescription strength anti-inflammatory my shoulder does feel slightly better on a day to day basis.

    But having been not been able to work out for 5 months now has really got my antsy about getting back into it. I tried doing a few pull-ups and push-ups the other day and could tell my shoulder was not liking it.

    My question is, have any of you had a bone spur removed from your shoulder or know anyone who has? What was their recovery time and how quickly were they back in the gym?

    I think it's about time to get this taken care of. Five months of no lifting has really taken a toll on my body and I've lost a good bit of what bulk I had.

    Thanks in advance icon_smile.gif

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    Apr 17, 2010 4:02 AM GMT
    hey BAM,

    Well, I can't speak for shoulder spurs, but my mother, aunt, and grandmother all have had heel spurs. From what I can gather and have observed, it was/is really painful. My mother ultimately had to have her spur surgically removed. My aunt also had her respective spur surgically removed - sadly for her, I think she may be developing another. icon_neutral.gif

    My grandmother however appears to be stuck with her spur for the rest of her life. No MD has yet to offer to surgically remove it because of her age (she is going on 78 his July). I am desperately hoping I don't develop any spurs in my feet or anywhere else for that matter. I am very fond of jogging, and would be crushed if a quarter inch bone spur impeded my daily jogs. Good luck with your shoulder!
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    Apr 19, 2010 3:02 AM GMT
    Thanks ryan,

    Yeah my mom has had bone spurs in her heels for awhile now too... she's had about a million cortisone shots at this point I think hehe

    I was just hoping someone had some experience with this shoulder surgery. I guess I can find the info on a *regular* workout site icon_razz.gif
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    Apr 20, 2010 5:03 AM GMT
    As a massage therapist, I've worked with clients who have bone spurs in one or both shoulders. Treatment usually starts with physical therapy and anti-inflammatories, then moves to cortisone injections if PT doesn't work. If none of those are providing a permanent resolution, I'd recommend returning to your joint specialist for additional consultation. Report all your symptoms and the lack of results you've achieved so far. Be sure the surgeon knows you are physically active. Give objective detail about the training regiment you used to maintain (schedule, weights, cardio, sports) and what level of activity you'd like to get back to. You'd be surprised how often clients unintentionally misrepresent themselves, thinking that they're not "real" athletes unless they play a sport professionally. If cortisone is not working for you, surgical removal of the bone spur may be a viable option. Your joint specialist can give you better advice, and if you're not convinced of his diagnosis or treatment recommendations, get a second (or third) opinion.