Tuesday, a Washington state sheriff's deputy sued Burger King and one of its franchises for $75,000 over something he definitely didn't order with his Whopper. That could end up being one expensive lunch. Let's take a look at some other bizarre lawsuits that have made the docket.

- An L.A. cop sued Victoria's Secret (for an undisclosed amount) over injuries inflicted when she tried on a thong.

- Nebraska's longest-serving state senator filed an unusual lawsuit against a higher power.

- A Washington, D.C., judge sued his dry cleaners for $65 million over a lost item. What became his nickname?

- In Cleveland, a part-time paralegal sued NBC for $2.5 million because a sequence from one of its shows (now defunct) made him physically ill.

- A Wisconsin man sued his cable company for providing four years of free service that had unwelcome effects on his family.

- A woman sued Universal Studios in Florida for $15,000 because one of its featured attractions was too scary for her.

- A Michigan man sued Anheuser-Busch for false advertising when what the ads depicted didn't actually happen after he drank the beer.