Nursing situations in homosexual health and wellness.

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    Jan 27, 2008 5:01 AM GMT
    I am getting ready to go into graduate nursing school. My goal is to become a holistic nurse specializing in nursing research. I was in class the other day and I was thinking about what I am going to do as a nurse. I mean it great to talk about degrees and schools, but where is all this knowlegde going. So, I was thinking about trying to use holistic methodology to increase wholeness and healing in the gay population. My question is: what kind of health concerns do gay men have?
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    Jan 27, 2008 6:41 PM GMT
    Andrecito said My question is: what kind of health concerns do gay men have?
    Dying? lol
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    Jan 27, 2008 6:54 PM GMT
    In many ways, probably the same concerns as straight men do. Although there are some diseases that are prevalent more in homosexuals, many of them do not discriminate based on sexual orientation.

    That being said, most men probably just want to live long, healthy lives, and to look and feel good.
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    Feb 17, 2008 5:02 AM GMT
    It's cool that you have an interest in this and there's a lot of research in terms of community health nursing as to what special needs are or aren't being met in the gay community. Which is great.

    Gay men do have special needs apart from the heterosexual population and a big problem is that a lot of physicians and providers just aren't aware of it. Meanwhile, a lot of gay men are just afraid to ask certain questions or request certain things. whether we like to admit or not, gay men are considered an at risk group for a lot of different conditions. hep a vaccines are recommended, anal paps for hpv screenings, etc. Even simple things like hey we're drawing some blood anyway, do you want to check for syphilus? oh we need a urine sample so mind if we check for the common stds?

    even more basic than that is stuff like lbgt people are more likely to smoke. gay teens are more likely to be depressed,

    you might wanna check out some community health centers that focus on working with the gay community to see what initiatives are being pushed. look up "the fenway guide to lbgt health" too.. its published throuh the american college of physicians. talks about health disparities and iniatives to help.
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    Feb 17, 2008 5:23 AM GMT
    Nice answer Boston.

    I wonder how much Primary Physicians get in the way of education on glbt health concerns and disparities. They may learn about treating conditions, but knowing to check things for glbt patients or approaching the conversation differently might not be part of their education.

    I'm not sure you can open a practice that services gay only clientele, as that would be discriminatory. So becoming an educator for Primary Physicians to raise their awareness would be one thing that could be done.

    Health Centers could also have gay sex education classes or gay health classes for patients to attend or training on a one-on-one basis. Not sure how this would be billed. Possibly a not-for-profit org could sponsor this type of nursing role.
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    Feb 23, 2008 4:27 PM GMT
    Being a nurse myself, I think there should be plenty of concerns gay men should have. I think with the growing rise of MRSA and other diseases, care should be taken to keep the gyms sanitary and free of acts where body fluid is left behind. It is just really irresponsibe to others at the gym to have to worry about catching something in the shower or sauna. Alot of those warm places become a dish for bacteria to grow. I'm very careful about where I put my hands at the gym, definitely do not touch my face ever, and would certainly wear flip flops to shower. I've also witnessed so many people coming into the bathroom, going straight to the bathroom without washing their hands. Remember, everyone that has touched that equipment has now touched you private parts. Wash before and after.

    As our subculture becomes more and more sexually active, I could also see having some gay support groups for people struggling with sex addiction. It's very easy to get caught up on line and break into a pattern of meeting person after person for random hook ups. It seems harmless until you can't stop doing it. More often than not the younger generation is now participating in unsafe sex, we need to get on the wagon to start promoting safe sex again in our communicty.