Hey guys,

My trainer/Yoga and Pilates instructor recommended that I become a trainer because of how much I truly enjoy fitness, helping others and she thinks it might be fun for me. She saw me work out with some friends and help them through workouts/form corrections and whatnot, so apparently I have a knack for it already...plus it is really fun and who doesn't want a career they enjoy?

I went out and looked at several organizations (ACE, NASM, ACSM and some others) and I decided to go with the NSCA because after looking through them all, I decided they would be great for me (I LOVE research...I admit it, I'm a huge nerd that way).

I went through their site and specifically looked through the area for those of us who do not have an exercise-related degree. I have a copy of the main textbook and two of the practice exams on the way.

My question for those of you who've gone through the NCSA (or any other organization for that matter, I suppose): how did you go through the material? I'm treating it like a college course and getting through it all, taking notes and putting it all together. I'm going over the tough stuff with my ex (RN BSN) and trainer, so I do have some back-up. My next step would be after getting through it would be take a practice test to see where my strengths/weaknesses are and go back over the relevant materials, but I'm still curious as to how you all did it. Did you go over the familiar material first, then the rest of it after? Maybe the exact opposite and save the familiar stuff for last? Something in between?

Also, how difficult did you find the test after going through the materials? How stressful was it when you took it?

Any advice would be welcome.