i'm a gay single men.i'm 37 years old & i still haven't been on any dates
any gay guys yet.i'm too shy to ask other gay single men out on a date.
i'm not a virgin or a sex rookie at all.i have been out of the closet ever
since 1993 & i still haven't been on a date yet.i don't have any past
dating experiences at all.i live on low income.i live on disability money.
what are the rules for gay men who live on low income and disability
money?i live in a 1 bedroom apartment in an apartment building right
now.what are the dating for gay men who are apartment renters?i'm
not intoblind dating or oldfashioned dating at all.i'm into online dating,
friendship dating,open dating,sexual dating,high tech dating,and play dates
with other gay single masculine big men like myself.i'm crazy for gay men
with muscles.i love male bodybuilders alot.i love male power lifters alot too.
i'm meduim built gay man with bigbutt,bigfeet,big hands,bigdick,small gut,
and small arm muscles.i workout at home because i'm a private man & i
don't like health clubs or gyms at all.i don't like crowrds at all.i don't like
any coed clubs at all.i'm not into the bar sene at all.i'm a proud nonsmoker. i'm a proud nondrinker too.i'd rather chat with other gay men online than in
bars any day.