I was out and about today looking for a gift for my friend who is in town visiting me. I went by Barnes & Noble to look something specific for him... and made my way over to the LGBT section, which is something I always do when I go there. I noticed a 'new' book on the shelves that I hadn't seen before and I almost bought it... for $27. I really don't buy books from B&N anymore because I buy most of my books via Amazon.com (which is WAY cheaper).

Well, I walked away with a heavy heart because it was REALLY up my alley. From what I gathered from the cover, it is basically an autobiographical account of a gay man's journey coming to terms with his sexuality while he in serving in the U.S. Army during World War 2 in the European theater. The subject matter has always intrigued me, and it's something I am very seriously considering doing graduate work/research on. Has anyone read this book... is it worth me buying it??? icon_wink.gif

Here is the Amazon link for that respective book...