CIA Columbia Obama Trial. President Obama Is On Trial Today In New York! May 14th-19th.

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    May 14, 2010 2:46 PM GMT
    The CIA Columbia Obama trial begins today in New York. Started By Pastor's what he has to say about the case.

    More Info:

    Obama promised transparency...

    Original birth certificate ——————————————Unavailable
    Obama/Dunham marriage license -—————————Unavailable
    Soetoro/Dunham marriage license ————————— Unavailable
    Soetoro adoption records-————————————— Unavailable
    Dept.of Education Hawaii Kindergarten Records-——- Unavailable
    Punahou School records-——————————————Unavailable
    Occidental College records —————————————Unavailable
    Passport (Pakistan) -———————————————— Unavailable
    Columbia College ——————————————————Unavailable
    Columbia thesis ———————————————————Unavailable
    (Topic: Nuclear Disarmament, written during Cold War ’83)
    Harvard College records -————————————-——Unavailable
    Harvard Law Review articles ————————————— Unavailable
    (Evidence that one may have been written, yet it is unsigned)
    Baptism certificate ——————————————————Unavailable
    Medical records -———————————————————Unavailable
    Illinois State Senate records -—————————————None
    Illinois State Senate schedule —————————————Lost
    Law practice client list ———————————————— Not released
    University of Chicago scholarly articles –——————-— None on file

    Indonesian Besuki School Application————————-—*Located
    (Enrolled with name Barry Soetoro-faith “Islam”)
    Selective Service Registration- -— -*Released, but under investigation as fraudulent
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    May 14, 2010 3:26 PM GMT
    This kind of shit from a "Hidden/Unknown" member? Hey Chris/RealJock, can this thread be deleted. It's an obvious troll.