2 years ago today Flex89 / Logan came to DFW to hang out. Logan sent me an email about a year prior to that right here on Real Jock. He listened to my training advice, and...the rest is history. Logan packed up and came to DFW.

Logan has been a great kid. We're good for each other. Logan is a type 1 diabetic and deals with all the challenges that entails, but, often serves as an inspiration. We've met a number of challenges together for both of us, and we've both grown along the way.

We've seen the best, and worst, sides of people over these last two years, but, it's been very good.

Right now, Logan is on a pre-existing condition with The Texas Risk Pool Health Insurance, which his father is paying for. He has run out of im lines for his Medtronics 722 insulin pump, and has had to go back on shots, which don't manage his blood sugar as well. If you have some extra lines, or know someone who does, it would mean a lot to us if we could get our hands on them. In September, the new health care law kicks into effect and Logan will no longer will have to choose between eating and test strips, or eating and lines, or eating and insulin, when he'll be allowed to go back on his father's insurance plan with none of the greed of the "pre-existing" condition.

Logan and I were, and remain, good friends, and...we met right here...about 3 years ago...with a shared interest in computers and bodybuilding and geek shit in general. Thanks, RJ, and, if you're out in RJ land, and have some lines for a Medtronics 722 insulin pump, buzz us up. It will help Logan along until he can get health insurance that works in September. And, for all you who support the latest health care bill: thanks, so very much. It means the world to Logan, and folks like him.

Thanks....and Logan / flex89...happy 2nd' anniversary in DFW!!