Mad Men...a theory.

  • martinaston

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    May 21, 2010 8:57 PM GMT
    Donald Draper is the only person in the show from our today.
    He's like a 'Quantum Leap' / 'Back to The Future' character.
    He is the audience's mouthpiece. He instantly sees the historic
    events that affect the rest of the cast in the context of history.
    He looks part of the times but his foresight into how we think
    today is what connects the show to a contemporary audience,
    making it more than a simple costume drama.

  • MidiAttack

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    Dec 12, 2011 1:19 AM GMT
    my theory: bets is so fucked up because she was sexually abused by her old lech of a father. he also messed around with sally before he croaked, which is why she was so freaked out when they named that kid 'gene'.

    i don't expect we'll be seeing don's trophy fiance when things pick up again. he didn't want a wife, he wanted a nanny. she seems like a sharp broad: she'll do the math. carla will be working for him. carla: what a righteous broad! sally will have major probs and she'll tell don her suspicions about gene.

    henry will be history, too. bets will be forced to find work as a 'party girl'.

    joanie's baby is going to have silver hair and black glasses.

    lee garner, jr. pulls a larry craig in a john in grand central (big cruise spot as per jim carroll's the basketball diaries). don bails him out, and then has to eat crow about not doing tobacco work. but it saves the firm.

    season 20: lee and sal get married in p-town.