C4 and T have once again continued their nuke war against each other in this topic, so, after giving them fair warning that I would delete it once again if they continued to use this thread for their ongoing, eternal battle, I would delete it again.

They did. So I did.

My last warning to them was:

Anyway.... this thread is turning into the T and C nuke war all over again.

My finger is itching to click the Delete button again....

Now take your personal battle where it belongs, which is the thread I created for both of you.

Tokugawa then wrote:

Why would I or C4 post to a thread which you could delete at any time?

To which my answer is:

You had no qualms about continuing your fight in THIS thread, which I can (and have) deleted at any time.

So if you don't like posting in the little sandbox thread I created for both of you, then why don't each of you create your own threads and that way, you can post there with the "mutually assured destruction" option always available to each of you in that if one of you deletes his thread with all of the other guy's very important comments, then the other guy can delete his thread as well.

See how great that works out? Just like having real nuclear weapons.