"Facebook" is an interesting site. I've heard alot about irritation over changes in security settings (I noticed)... I think you need to check your profile (from the security context) at least once a week. And then you have FB "friends" coming out of the woodwork. The latest is a girl I knew from childhood (and high school), friendly at first then was a total diva in high school and a real snot. I understand she's improved, despite the fact her mother still has to be about the worst parent I ever met as a kid.
And here she is. "Donna #@%$ wants to be friends on facebook"...

But over the weekend I had a virus send me something, copying names from FB of friends of mine, sent to me from a FB friend saying.. to paraphrase.. "You looked funny on Hidden Camera as did your friends (and they were listed". A link was given... I didn't click the link, but found out later it was all a ruse. I'd not click the link if you get it.

What next?