Weight loss, calorie intake -- I need help

  • tbone25

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    May 24, 2010 9:36 PM GMT
    Since mid-October I have been working out every day. I've been trying to burn 500-600 calories (some H.I.I.T) a day. Two days, I do heavy cardio about twice as much (1000-1200) calories. I lift four days a week as well.

    I have lost 28 lbs to date -- in 27 weeks. I know that this is good and a safe way to lose weight overall (1 lb/week). I've lost 4 inches from my waist and have gained some bulk in my chest, and I feel a heck of a lot better (beating back depression)

    I am trying to eat well. I think I'm about 1700 calories/day. I am starting the five small meals a day plan which helped me lose weight once before right now. I work at a University so I have my summers free, I'd like to make the best of it.

    Any suggestions on how to lose weight more quickly and safely? It is far more about feeling good than a number but just now, I'm at 29.9 BMI. Today, I'm just really overweight and not obese.

    To be appropriate weight for my height/age/sex, I'd have more than 31 lbs to go.

    What else should I be doing? Goal is a 34 or 32 inch waist. (by the end of the summer would be great -- at 36 inches right now)
  • tajsreve

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    May 27, 2010 8:51 AM GMT
    Rule Number 1: Throw the damn scale out the door.
    If you are doing all this (exercise) the scales will only depress and irritate you more. You're converting fat to muscle and therefore the weight will not come off "scale-wise" Muscle weighs more than fat.
    the 5 meals a day plan is a very good start. the American Diabetes Association offers very good diet plans on this basis.
    Increase you aerobic activity. If riding a bike to work or to the gym is not an option (too far).. then do more at the gym. High repetion / low weight.
    Little things... like parking as far away from where your going as possible. taking the stairs. etc.
    If you are / were a avid couch potato put a stationary bike in front of the TV making a personal rule to only watch TV while riding a bike. If you were / are a computer / internet junkie then don't give these up completely... allow yourself those times but alot them and plan them. If you give everything up you love / like for weight loss you will only set yourself up for failure.
    Start out your day with a liter of tepid tap water with bit of lemon juice. It will help flush your system & help with fat loss.
    This seems insane,,, but put full length mirrors in your house. don't hide behind your clothes (when you're at home) this will make you more aware of your body and make you more conscience of your posture and over all figure and will help deter you from eating unheathy. Take full body pictures of yourself at the same time every week. Use this as a comparison rather than a scale.
    Buy only what you need for one or two days at the grocery store and DO NOT go there hungry.
    Make everything you eat from scratch. Don't buy anything canned or pre-made. Breads... I love starches. These are dangerous in the States as most Supermarkets in the States have crap for bread. They tout whole grain but they're so refined that they go directly through you body and store at your waist. Find a Bakery that sells Whole grain Bread. Complex starches are way more healthy. Cereals.. Don't buy cereal in a box. Buy rolled oats, mixed nuts / seeds & dried fruits (make your own museli) substitue milk for plain jogurt. When you buy sauces, check the labels for sugar content. You will be very suprised at the amount of sugar is almost everything. Items on ingredient labels are listed in order of amount. For example if you eat peanut butter for a protien substitute, Skippy for example the second ingredient on the list is Sugar. You can shop a good asian market and their peanut butter is almost pure peanuts.
    Just so you know I also used to weight 230 and now am at 170. and used to be a therapist in a Eating Disorders Clinic. Congratulations on your weight loss so far. Trust me it will only get better.
    Hope this was of some help.