To my thinking, the highest compliment I can pay someone is to say that I envy them, that I'm jealous of them. It means that I would like to have the same thing for myself, whether a material possession, or some aspect of themselves, like talent, ability, appearance, etc.

But contrary to the common usage of the words envy & jealousy, I don't want to TAKE it from them for myself, nor even deny it to them out of spite. I merely wish I could have the same thing, too, as they do. That I would want it for own self is where I hope to convey the highest compliment to them.

But we don't have an English word for that. We do say "admire" but that doesn't have that added component of "and I'd be pleased to have it, too." When we say we're envious & jealous, it implies we'd like to take it away from someone, and deprive them of it. There're generally malicious words, not complimentary in most cases, and listed among the major vices.

So, anyone have any ideas for a new word that means what I propose? It could be of non-English origin, since the English language is wonderful at adopting words from other languages, as opposed to some languages that actively resist accepting new outside words. Any thoughts?