What's up guys? I am looking for other guys who have an underwear/tighty whitey fetish and are interested in trading a pair of your tighty whities for mine? My goal is to get a pair of tighty whities from a guy in all 50 states and they in turn get a pair of mine. If you want me to workout and sweat in them, I am happy to do that for you anytime. If you are really interested in trading with me, please email me at tightywhiteytrainer@yahoo.com. If we find we enjoy trading with one another, we can keep it going. When you send your email please tell me what brand of tighty whities you like best on other guys and what brand you like best on yourself. There is no age limit or anything like that. You don't have to have a perfect body to trade with me. All my briefs will be mediums that I send to you and I ask that I receive nothing bigger than a large.