this is just a little perspective thread to remind us all (even the younger guys) how far we've come from just 20 years ago. i know there are emails out there that include a bunch of things that were "then" compared to "now," but i'd like you all to share anything you've suddenly found yourself amazed about, technologically speaking, and became either very excited about it or frustrated with.

i'll start (of course...)

- not too awfully long ago, the only way you knew the temperature outside was if you had an indoor thermometer or you called some random number on the telephone (time and temp) i just look at my phone.

- when i listened to the radio (FM), i had to wait an eternity to hear my favorite song. now i download it and listen to it so much i get sick of it. i used to have a lot of favorite songs, now i've played most of them out.

- speaking of favorite songs, there is now literally NO song that existed in my past that i can't call up and listen to at the touch of a button. before, when a song became unpopular and from an obscure artist, good luck ever hearing it again.

- with google, there is absolutely NO question that can't be answered while sitting at a table with friends drinking a beer. in fact, with my droid i can take a picture of anything and it will convert it to a google search, or it will hear a song and tell me the title.

- i will never be lost again with my navigation on my phone.

- i don't have to wait until the morning paper to find out how my team did the night before. in fact, i can watch them play on my phone.

- you see a rainbow in the sky but there no one around to share it with? just snap a pic of it with your phone and upload it to facebook.

- and speaking of facebook, i now can know what that person i barely knew in high school is having for dinner tonight and when they went to the store to get it. and with twitter i can know when some people take a dump or pick their noses.

30 to 40 years ago there were HUGE gaps in what we knew and what we could, there is nothing you can't know this very moment.