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    Jun 03, 2010 1:45 AM GMT
    Hey guys, I recently moved from Canada down to Panama for the summer for an internship. I am here until mid-August. I had a heck of a time setting myself up down here but am finally pretty well settled. I am trying to arrange a workout routine while I am here.

    Down here there are a couple nice gyms that were too much money, and hard to find anything else. In the end, I found something that is by my work (out of the city, only there for work hours). What this means in practice is that I go to work, normally go to the gym during my lunch hour (or sometimes hour and 15) and head back showered by the time it's up. It's hard to go before or after because I am getting a ride with someone else who doesn't do the gym.

    I am thinking:

    4 days a week
    Chest and tri's
    Shoulders and abs
    Back and bi's
    Legs and abs

    Couple times a week I'm also going for jogs to try and get some cardio in there (feeling pretty soft now).

    trying to throw in forearms and neck a little too.


    In Canada I always had a protein smoothie with frozen fruit in the morning (se delicious). I don't have a blender here so I have been eating cereal w/milk (it's full fat) and PB&J or PB&banana in the morning plus coffee.

    Lunch is tricky. Trying to have something small before working out for energy for working out. I just bought some stuff that is kind of like a gainer. I am taking half the recommended amount that will be about 500 something calories, with about 30 grams of protein. Then I will have something else shortly after I get back like a burrito or a sandwich of some type.

    Dinner is whatever, stir fry or something. And then I snack a bit more (small bowl of cereal for example). I am finding it very hard to set up a routine for these two months because I don't have good cooking equipment or tupperware to store lots of things (nor big pots to cook lots in advance).

    Given that I am kind of limited in my time for working out and for my cooking, what can I do to make my routine better? Just typing this made me realized I probably need to be eating something more before working out and it's no wonder that I am so hungry by about 11am since I am eating around 7:30 and working out with very little after that.

    Sorry for the long post and thanks.
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    Jun 03, 2010 4:33 PM GMT
    I´m a big fan of circuits and supersets . You get to work the whole body, quickly, and it combines cardio.... You can be in and out in 45 mins