i viewed "sex & the city II" on friday. my thoughts.....

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    Jun 06, 2010 12:45 PM GMT
    i viewed this movie at a surburban palace theatre, comfortable seats, awesome air conditioning. the theatre was 3/4 full, not bad for a mid day showing, full of suburban housewives and 2 guys.

    the only other guy in the theatre besides me was an overly slim, nattily dressed guy with nick la-shay hair that couldn't be dented with a hammer. i suspect he might be gay? icon_lol.gif

    i thought "II" was a better movie than "I" was. focke what the critics say.

    "I" tried to cram too much plot material into one movie. "II" concentrated on one topic, the gals going to the middle east for a quickie vacation.

    the gals are getting old looking! the blond looked scary in the face. too much make up? bad plastic surgery? both??

    john corbett is still a H U N K! he is ageing well, unlike the gals.

    pity they didn't show more of the "australian swim team".

    so ends my biased, pithy review.

    looking forward to "III" next summer! if "star trek" can stretch it out, why not "S&TC"?
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    Jun 06, 2010 2:48 PM GMT
    this was a horrible over the top movie in ways well beyond the first movie. At least the first movie only the wedding was over the top. This movie, the gay wedding, the vacation, the "plot lines", everything was super saturated. If they make a third movie, I will not see it.