San Jose in July

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    Jun 08, 2010 7:57 PM GMT
    I just signed up for the Livestrong Challenge on July 10th up in San Jose. I haven't been north of LA really since I was in high school... 10 years ago. How far is that from like San Francisco? Anything worth doing up there? I happen to be on my 6 days off from work during that time period.
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    Jun 08, 2010 10:28 PM GMT
    San Jose is only about an hour (in good traffic) from The City. There are a myriad of clubs and bars to hit up, both in San Jose proper and in the outlying regions. The best beaches lie southwest over Hwy 17 in Santa Cruz. If nude beaches are your thing icon_eek.gif, there are several along Hwy 1 to the north. I personally don't care for them - too many trolls icon_confused.gif

    The City has, obviously, The Castro, which is the north end of Market. It can get overwhelming, but it's fun. There is the Lone Star, the Lookout, the Fargo, and a whole slew of other clubs. The first 2 are frequented by San Francisco's very own Fog Rugby Team - a great group of guys and gals who often hold beer busts and events to raise money for the team and charity.

    There's also Booty SF - the bay area's mash-up dance party. Music is awesome and the bodies even better icon_wink.gif

    Too bad you'll miss SF Pride by a week. It's a...unique...experience icon_razz.gif Let me know if you want me to garner other resources. I have a couple friends who enjoy the area and can direct you to more specific venues.