anyone looking to do some creative writing?

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    Jun 08, 2010 10:41 PM GMT
    I recently received an AmeriCorps grant and am looking for some participants to complete my service project. My project focuses on working with gay men and helping them in a writing project I'm calling "men talk from roofs." The projects consists of gay men writing about being gay in a way that most people don't usually think of gay men, whether it be coming out experiences, stereotypes, love, etc... as long as you feel it expresses how gay men are viewed in a way that they normally aren't I'm down with it. This need not be real life experiences but also how you wish to be viewed within a fictional context.

    What you would do is write in whatever genre you desired, i.e., poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, playwriting, screen writing, etc... Where I come in is that you will send me your work and I will read it, offer feedback and edits, and a suggested reading list to improve your work. From there you would revise the piece, send it back to me, and then I would give you more feedback. Essentially, you're getting someone to read over your work and offer a critique free of charge.

    In terms of my qualifications, I hold several degrees in these fields (specialty in poetry) and have worked closely with Mona Simpson, Calvin Bedient, and Eileen Myles-- so I know what I'm doing here. I'm also the current poetry editor for the literary journal CutBank. Again, this is a free of charge thing and the only thing I'd ask you to do is fill out a short participant survey at the end (this can be done anonymously) in return.

    I'm looking for about ten guys, preferably 7 who are wanting to do short term projects, i.e, send me one or two things and we'll correspond for a few weeks, and 3 who are looking to complete longer pieces or wanting extended amounts of feed back, i.e., you still would only send me one or two things, but we'd work on it for several months as opposed to a few weeks. I will not be publishing your pieces without permission. Most likely I will write an article for the publication Out Write about the experience and will only use snippets of your work (with permission of course).

    I don't care if you have experience with writing, where you live, your age, etc... This will all be done via electronic correspondence and possibly phone if you'd like some direct feedback. The only qualifications are that you be committed to working and revising and that you are able to handle feedback (I can't stress this second thing enough... I can be ruthless-- not in a mean way-- with my corrections and you have to be able to distinguish between someone criticizing your work as opposed to you as a person, i.e., when I give you feedback, don't take it personally).

    If you're interested at all, please send me an email on here and we can proceed. Thanks.
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    Jun 08, 2010 11:07 PM GMT
    Here, you can use this if there is a use for it - I wrote it at 15.

    " A steady flow of strength was
    Pouring out from deep inside,
    Because you'd found the weak spot in me
    That I'd tried to hide.

    I forced out from inside you,
    The things you really couldn't see,
    Sensitivity you never knew
    And couldn't give to me.

    Now the music plays itself,
    The stars spin like a wheel,
    Memory's a faded rose,
    That I doubt was real.

    Soon on wings of steel and fire,
    You'll be back this way,
    Both groping for reunion's smile,
    With all new words to say.

    It could be all just fantasy,
    That makes this heart still burn....

    ...knowing when I shouldn't love;
    A lesson I can't learn."

    ..not really sure what you're looking for as far as a way that most people don't usually think of gay men. Can you elaborate a little?

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    Jun 09, 2010 12:11 AM GMT
    Your project sounds interesting.
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    Jun 09, 2010 12:26 AM GMT
    If i was good a creative writing i would try to help you out
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    Jun 09, 2010 12:36 AM GMT
    I have tons of poems if I can find them i'll message you directly on here Studicon_razz.gif