WTF?? Bizarre Toilet Fetish

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    Jun 10, 2010 3:07 AM GMT
    OK, I'm still perplexed about what was up with this one.

    I had planned to have lunch with a law school friend of mine today and I was to meet him at the building where his employing law firm is located. I went in, waited a couple of minutes, then decided to head to the bathroom prior to our having lunch.

    So I quietly enter the bathroom and there's my friend, back to me, pushing down on the lever of the toilet with his foot and he watches as it overflows! Water and um, other stuff apparently gushes and he just watches. Stunned (to say the least), I ask him "what the hell is going on here". He looks really embarassed, then tells me that their prick of a landlord will have to come in and clean up the mess.

    Wtf.. I ask.. WHAT IS THIS?? Here is a professional guy clearly engrossed in causing mischief. He explained that the landlord has been giving his firm grief.... so he has been getting the guy back by overflowing the toilet about twice a week.

    "Don't you think this is a little juvenile" I ask? My friend said "hell no" and shoved his foot down on the lever again and promptly left the bathroom. I just kept laughing during lunch. I really couldn't believe he'd do this. He was a shit in law school, however.
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    Jun 10, 2010 3:30 AM GMT
    *giggles* oh I like him already hahaha, but then I can be a little mischive maker if the opportunity arises, sometimes, when someones being a bitch, there is no other way to shove it back then to get down on there level and slap'em... sometimes you do it because you have too, other times you do it cause it feels good..

    Of course, I never advocate stooping to there level.. however it is permissible to stick a foot on it to just, ya know, remind them that they aren't the big fishy.