I'm almost hesitant to post this but...

Organizers of a Gay Pride parade scheduled for this week in Madrid have asked a planned Israeli delegation not to attend due to security issues, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

“Spain has a large Muslim and radical left population and I think they were worried that the Israeli delegation would face violence. It wasn’t a political decision against the state of Israel; it was made because of security concerns,” Mike Hamel, Chair of the Aguda, the National Association of Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) association in Israel said.

“This [the cancellation] is very unfortunate because I feel that the community can serve as a bridge for dialogue. Our community and other ones abroad have so many shared interests, and through this dialogue between our communities, we can eventually reach and discuss larger issues. There is a potential for dialogue, to understand each other, and it’s a shame that it’s lost.”

Madrid’s Pride Parade, scheduled for July 3, is one of the largest of its kind in the world, and hosts over a million participants each year.

I have to wonder though about how gays are generally treated in the Middle East other than Israel. I know that when I went to Dubai they printed in the tourist book that homosexual behavior was illegal/strictly forbidden but given that it's Dubai I don't know how hard that's enforced.