So I have two questions for anyone up for responding, the first is a general question and the second is more for my fellow nerdy/geeky RJers.

First things first, the other day I was out with friends at happy hour when I saw a guy who I thought was attractive, not my usual type (a little bigger than guys I like.), cute face, gorgeous eyes, a little husky but the look honestly worked for him,so I say "Hi". He looks me up and down and says "not into chubs". Now dont get me wrong, I by no means see myself as some hot piece of ass that can just walk up to anyone and say a few lines and get what I want, I do however see myself as a realistic room temperature (physically that is...I'm pretty hot on a personal level If I may toot my own horn). My thoughts instantly went from "cute" to "you fat sonuvabitch", still being the gentleman that I am I said "alright well have a good evening" went back to my friends and attempted to destroy any memories of the encounter with alcohol...clearly I failed. My question is has anyone ever been in a situation where someone was so out right rude, and your thoughts went straight too "Are you serious?! You arent even that cute to begin with (I'm just drunk!)"?

Next up, I recently broke it off with a group of friends, in fact the only group of friends I had that I would regularly have LAN Parties with. To be honest I was only REALLY friends with one person in the group, everyone else could drown for all I care, but this past weekend I had enough of the constant remarks to my sexuality. I love having geeky friends, I swear sometimes they are the only people that understand what I talk about sometimes, but has anyone else noticed a HUGE portion of the geek/nerd community to be homophobic/racist?