• coastguy90814

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    Jun 11, 2010 1:09 AM GMT
    So I got a question for you sport fans, specifically college football. What do you think about the sanctions imposed by the NCAA:

    13 vacated wins, including its 55-19 Orange Bowl win over Oklahoma; a two-year bowl ban; and 30 docked scholarships -- to send a message to schools around the country with similar high-profile stars.

    Do you think the sanctions are to harsh or just right? Also, at this point Reggie Bush (the player obviously who started the controversy) has not been directly affected by the sanctions since he's no longer at SC but do you think he should have his Heisman taken away?

    Just curious your guys' view/opinions :-)
  • mtneerman

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    Jun 11, 2010 2:55 AM GMT
    it's hard for me to do anything but laugh, since i don't like usc or the pac-10 for that mater, but it does seem unfair to the players for the next 2 years since they weren't even there at the time. i agree that the ncaa needs to crack down on this, but they need to be consistent and not make an example of a high profile program and leave anyone else alone. i think any of the coaches that were involved, and are still in the ncaa should be punished, unfortunately carroll is probably in seattle laughing about all this. i do think vacating the wins, and docking the scholarships is justified, and that bush should loose his heisman.