One in a million chance of roids...

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    Jun 11, 2010 4:20 AM GMT
    obvious is not a favorable choice. but my dilemma that make me wonder if it might be worth is what if i have limited or low side effect with some result i want. now obvious if i even considered it strongly i couldn't afford it probably but my what if.

    i fell as if I'm underweight or at least close and really want to get into better shape for many reason. i would like to be bulk. I'm 5'9 130 pound slim. i consider starting a low budge workout routine due to finances and what i actually want to achieve with my body appearance wise. But i don't know where to start at with that and since it would be a low budge workout plan could it even be possible for me to to even get anywhere with it. hoping to gain possible 20 pound and increase muscle mass. i ask for help with any idea on topic but sadly receive no feedback. so it lead me to wondering about steroids. ignoring money i would have to spend on steroids or to fix damages it would cause me, i just wonder.

    The story i think to explain this is:

    what if you met a guy in gym a few time who looks very attractive. you hook up and are together for a while. while going throw his photo album you see a picture of a geeky very skinny guy and find out it was him before he started taking steroid and working. would you leave him? would you be upset it started taking it for appearance yet thats how how noticed him? he cheated yes to gain weight and muscle yet how is this cheating different if the picture was opposite and he was overweight and you found out he started doing liposuction or tummy-tuck and plastic surgery then started eating right...

    Added Notes:
    I would love to hear your comments. as for i don't know allot of gay people or go out to see responses but it seem like gaining this idea body makes a difference as to who would even notice me. now i do want to start working out but its not as much for other people to find me attractive as for me to find myself attractive, it not very high goals i want but I've been consider going as far as scarfing my heath to gain a appearance i enjoy more... silly me...
    also note that if you have any workout advice for me or workout plan/eating plans you would like to mention please to me I'm ready to try allot and can dedicate myself to the plans since i do want to gain mass without being crazy about it...
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    Jul 03, 2010 10:42 AM GMT
    ok so let me first say . EAT is urmain thing more than likely ur undereating . first u have to build a soild foundation before gettin into steriods why?

    1. you have to preload with vitamins before taking roids
    2. you have to insanely eat to grow 4000 calories clean ones roughly
    3. You have to have a PCT already set into place after you come off them other wise you will already lose the gains as fast as u made them.

    not to mention the fact that you have to have Supplements for joint control . gym membership etc. so finacially its a tricky thing even for the lowest of stuff ur lookin at a number of 300 for a low budget one . and if u get testostorne ur lookin at about 500 if not more.

    so i say this ...just eat. post up ur diet and also post up your routine . cause as a newbie u can make awesome new gains just by gettin in there doing the working

    any questoins or anything PM