Helen Thomas: Jews Should Go Back to 'Germany' or 'Poland' and 'Get the Hell Out of Palestine'

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    Jun 11, 2010 8:03 PM GMT
    This at the Jewish Heritage Celebration hosted at the White House!

    She later resigned and issued an apology, but failed to retract her racist remarks.

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    Jun 11, 2010 9:50 PM GMT
    Here are some of the comments made by RealJock members:

    EricLA> So very sad that her career would end like this, but it's self-inflicted. I hope her accomplishments aren't diminished. But, her comments about Jews should leave Israel and go back to Germany and Poland needed to be condemned, and were.

    pocketnico> What a tacky way to go out! Not cool.

    NNJfitandbi> That old bitch deserved to resign in disgrace. That someone with such hateful ideas was allowed in the White House for so many years is a frightening thought. At least she was exposed at age 89. Amazing that in a world of immigrants and transient people, the only people she believes should go "home" are the Jews. This was one of the most virulently anti-semitic public statements in years. Maybe she should move in with Mel Gibson.

    IHG84> She either historically illiterate, or just plain hateful (I'm thinking both) in the fact that Jews have been there for a long time. And were rounded up and killed in Europe.

    ZbmwM5> No one has thought that at age 89 maybe she doesnt give a shit and doesn't feel she has to censor herself in the US, where anything 'anti-Israeli' is turned into a huge event as if it was Pearl Harbor? Should she have said it? No... it doesnt do anything productive. Is it realistic to send those people back? No.... but of course everyone makes a big stink about it.

    mascguymia> What a disgrace!! Good riddance!!

    MenschPress> She is indeed entitled to her opinion, but I am shocked and saddened that that is her opinion

    NNJfitandbi> I want Helen Thomas and her repugnant views condemned in no uncertain terms.

    fastprof> Hear, hear. I for one agree with you, as you know

    FirstKnight> Does Helen Thomas have dementia? I think so....Elderly individuals suffering from frontotemporal dementia make inappropriate and outrageous statements. At age 89 this is certainly a possibility. It is unfortunate that anyone has to end a long productive career on such an embarrassing comment. She probably should have retired earlier while she still had her mental faculties.

    shybuffguy> The sad fact is that this isn't the first time she has said such things about Israel. She said similar things back in 2006 when it caused, then WhiterHouse press secretary, Tony Snow to quip: "Well, thank you Helen for the Hezbollah view". What happened was she removed her own mask and showed the world what and who she really is. She has always been biased and has never shown the objectivity that the press has always claimed to have

    jusTom> she should go back to lebanon or syria [her parents came from there]

    CuriousJockAZ> Helen Thomas over-stayed her welcome by about 30 years -- good riddance!

    shutoman> Helen Thomas is not really known in the UK. But her comments are deeply disturbing, deserve outright condemnation and were good cause for her resignation (or, frankly, dismissal).

    SteveAndrew> Oh Please!....the woman is 92 and should have retired from public speaking a long time ago...she obviously has lost some marbles...

    CAJock753> The good Ms. Thomas has been an embarassment to journalism for a long time. Goodbye dear lady, and good riddance to you! May we never hear from you again. You're an insensitive, thoughtless, inconsiderate old bitch!

    MenshPress> What Helen Thomas Missed

    JohnBoy2211> I think what's really interesting to consider is that someone like Helen Thomas who guided "our nation's thinking" for decades on all things coming out of the White House - is actually someone entirely different from the person most of us thought we knew. Surely, those in Washington and the Washington press knew her personal views long before her video meltdown to the Rabbi. Shouldn't it inspire us all to actually "think" more critically about our reactions/questioning of impressions the press feeds us?

    TigerTim> The things she said are dreadful. She should apologize for them. There's little more to say.

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    Jun 13, 2010 2:31 PM GMT

    Pattison, May 24> Go back to Israel!

    flotilla radioman, May 30> Go back to Auschwitz!

    Helen Thomas> Go back to Germany and Poland!

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    Aug 05, 2010 3:59 PM GMT
    It always baffles me why the anti-Israel crowd refuses to discuss issues in the specific topic, repeating elsewhere statements that have already been refuted. OK, I take it back. It's not baffling at all. Regardless of the specific topic, they view every mideast topic as "post spam propaganda accusations to demonize Israel". Thus even when the accusation in an OP is shown wrong, rather than retract it they simply move on to other (I can't say "new" because usually it's a recycling of the same old BS) false accusations.

    In another topic, pouncer strangley linked this topic.
    (And, of course, rather than then discuss Helen Thomas he attempted to change the subject.)

    pouncer (4 Aug 2010)> I said I didn't agree with her remarks in the original thread

    Reviewing the record:

    Pouncer (9 June 2010)> those were harsh words by Ellen Thomas. But after 60+ years of Zionist madness and the resultant degeneration of the Middle East into something resembling a tinderbox - completely understandable

    Prompting this comment from a usually mild-mannered and reserved member:

    NNJfitandbi> I lack Caesarea4's tenacity, but you [pouncer] are ill-informed. Know-it-alls usually are. How about some humility in your approach, kid!

    pouncer has so little concern for what Helen said that he can’t even get her name right, the twice he has mentioned her, even while using her Antisemitic remarks as a foundation and springboard to vent his own biases and prejudices.

    Back to the now:

    C4> You'll endlessly beat around the bush here precisely because you agree with Helen Thomas' racist comment.
    If not, let's see if you can make an explicit condemnation rather than another apologism.
    Something like this:
    TigerTim> The things she said are dreadful. She should apologize for them. There's little more to say.

    p> I have already stated my disagreement with the remark made.

    You have not, and if you truly disagreed with her you wouldn't hide behind claiming you already had rather than doing so "again".
    You would explicitly and in no uncertain terms condemn the statement.
    Can you do it...?