Most gay men are very interested in it, but so few know how to go about putting dreams into action. It isn't always easy to walk up to an older gentleman and let him know that you want to get busy with him, but with a few simple and careful steps you can be on your way to living a fantasy shared by millions of gay men.

Because the very thought of being intimate with a more mature man is so titillating, it can be difficult to focus.The first thing you must seek is permission.

Second, lean towards comments about how young and virile you are. Perhaps you will remind him of his earlier days. Most older gay men enjoy foot massages and having the Ladies Home Journal read to them while in bed. Remember, details are important as he is probably very set in his ways.

Don't forget that a more mature gentleman is always interested in proving that he can still "hold his own" with a young buck and soon he will be climbing into the bed or the bath with you and releasing his repressed desires.icon_twisted.gif