Just posted my new DJ Set! "Long Live the Queen"

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    Jun 12, 2010 2:37 PM GMT
    Gaga's new video for, "Alejandro" has everyone asking, "Is Lady Gaga the new Madonna?"
    No. But one day she might be. This mix is an ode to queens of pop present and future, Madonna & Lady Gaga.

    Some might say, "this isn't a very good representation of Madonna's career." And they'd be right. There's nothing older than, "Vogue." And that's because.... well, I wasn't alive then. So I've included the Madonna that has affected MY life.

    Madonna's first album was released in 1983 (that's 27 years ago). Madonna IS the Queen of Pop... as far as Lady Gaga goes, we'll see in 24 years if she's still around. For now, all I can say is, "Long live the queen."

    Download my mix here! (It's split by hour- 3 hours in total): http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=f1e704eeed0299feab1eab3e9fa335cade3e8c4f9d7b91e0

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    Jun 12, 2010 2:38 PM GMT
    Long Live the Queen Playlist

    Hour 1:
    1. Madonna- Interlude- Change
    2. Madonna- Future Lovers (Live- Confessions Tour)
    3. Lady Gaga- Just Dance (Tony Arzadon Remix)
    4. Madonna- Frozen (Franck Martinez Remix)
    5. Lady Gaga- So Happy I Could Die (TZESAR Club Mix)
    6. Madonna- Hung Up (Tracy Young’s Get Up and Dance Mix)
    7. Lady Gaga- Starstruck (Hi-Octave Remix)
    8. Madonna- Let It Will Be (Idaho’s Halo Mix)
    9. Madonna- Sorry (Club Mix)
    10. Lady Gaga- Alejandro (Daddy San Remix) (Interlude)
    11. Lady Gaga- Alejandro (Bimbo Jones Club Mix)
    12. Madonna- Revolver (Tracy Young’s Shoot to Kill Club Mix)
    13. Lady Gaga- Love Game (Dave Aude Radio Edit)

    Hour 2:
    1. Madonna- Interlude- Light
    2. Madonna- Miles Away (Rafael Lelis Club Mix) (Interlude)
    3. Madonna- Miles Away (Live- Sticky & Sweet Tour)
    4. Lady Gaga- Telephone (Tom Neville’s Ear Ringing Remix)
    5. Madonna- Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You (R*A Remix)
    6. Lady Gaga- Teeth (King5Kat Remix)
    7. Madonna- Die Another Day (Massive Attack’s Insomnia Mash Mix)
    8. Lady Gaga- Fashion (Devil Feel Nitrous Remix)
    9. Madonna- 4 Minutes (Peter Rauhofer Saves London Mix)
    10. Madonna- Get Together (Jacques Lu Cont Remix)
    11. Madonna- Isaac (Interlude)
    12. Madonna- Isaac (Offer Nissim Remix)
    13. Lady Gaga- Monster (TheHausofGaga Mix)
    14. Madonna- Heartbeat (Omique’s Club Mix)

    Hour 3:
    1. Madonna- Interlude- American Life
    2. Madonna- American Life (Nic Mercy’s Living the Life Mix)
    3. Madonna- Celebration (Felguk Remix)
    4. Lady Gaga- Dance in the Dark (Alan Liao’s Club Rework)
    5. Madonna- Give it 2 Me (Paul Oakenfold’s Drums In Remix)
    6. Lady Gaga ft. Madonna- Kaboom
    7. Madonna vs. Lady Gaga- Vogue Romance (Mashup Mix)
    8. Madonna vs. Lady Gaga- Music Romance (Dave Aude Club Mash Mix)
    9. Lady Gaga- Bad Romance (Dave Aude Club Mix)