Best time to work out and working 3rd shift?

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    Jun 15, 2010 11:13 AM GMT
    I am trying to figure out the best time to workout since I am on 3rd shift. My shift is 10pm to 630 am. During the summer business usually slows down and I can count on sticking to this schedule but about september-may I can be called in to work early at any time and usually am atleast ever other day...up to 4 hours early, so this would make my shift 6 pm to 630 am.

    Do you think working out directly after work in the a.m. is better for me or if I come home and go straight to bed and try to get up about 2pm and run down to the gym. I am trying to go at a time so I will be able to stick to a schedule wether I am called in early to work or not, so I am trying to eliminate the evening before work time.

    I usually find myself tired and achey after work as my job is somewhat physically demanding, lifting and standing, and walking all night long on a concrete floor., so I am leaning toward coming home and going straight to bed and getting up and working out as soon as I get up.

    When I try it this way though, I am having trouble getting through my weight workout due to being asleep for 6-8 hours and nothing on my stomach or in my system....

    Any advice?
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    Jul 20, 2010 12:55 AM GMT
    Right now I'm actually having an issue with this. I work an 8-10 hour shift M-F with most of my weekends pretty much free. That doesn't give me a set schedule though. And my shift can be flip-flopped at a moments noticed to the early shift. I'm now required to do a mandatory workout with the rest of my co-workers from 1400-1430. Which in my opinion is outrageous but thats another argument.

    I'm going to go to the gym pretty early now and get my workouts in before the mandatory one. The mandatory workouts aren't terribly difficult but they aren't challenging either.

    This added on top of my current duty schedule makes my day looks like

    1030-wake up
    1115-Leave home
    1200-1400 personal gym time
    1400-1430 mandatory time
    and from there
    1530-0000 work

    I know I'm going to be exhausted but if the thing is if you really want to work out you'll make the time. Even if it's nothing but push ups and sit-ups before bed it's more than what you were doing.

    I think going before work would work best unless you could muster some inner strength and make it to the gym on the way home. I know easier said than done but you gotta want it also.

    Try casein or any protein before bed and ensure your eating balanced meals throughout your day.

    Hope that helps some