Meanwhile up here in BC, with the worst possible government with the stupidest dictator in charge....

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    Jun 16, 2010 12:51 AM GMT
    "FERNIE, B.C. - As oil continues to gush from a BP (NYSE:BP) wellhead in the Gulf of Mexico, critics say the company has quietly broken ground on a controversial project in B.C.'s Rocky Mountains.

    Opponents of the Mist Mountain project say they were surprised to find that BP Canada, an arm of the BP group of companies, began construction earlier this month on an exploratory well for its coalbed methane project near Fernie, B.C.

    The company was granted permission to conduct the experimental drilling in the pristine area in southeast B.C. just a few days after the Deepwater Horizon explosion and oil spill.

    And the disaster unfolding in the gulf since then has renewed concerns about the BP subsidiary's plans in the Rockies."
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    Jun 16, 2010 2:09 AM GMT
    I wonder if this perhaps has anything to do with why Gordon Campbell was invited to a recent 'secret' meeting of global elites in Spain.

    From the Vancouver Sun (June 8 )

    Premier Gordon Campbell spent his weekend rubbing shoulders with some of the world's leading political and business figures at the 58th annual Bilderberg Meeting in Sitges, Spain.

    The secretive invitation-only meeting -- dubbed by London's The Independent newspaper as an "annual cabal of the world's elite" -- pulls together top international names to discuss issues such as foreign affairs and the economy.

    "We talked about the economy, we talked about trade, we talked about health care and the challenges that health care presents to all economies with the changing demographic," Campbell said Monday, not going into detail about what was discussed.

    "We talked about how is it possible to feed the world and what are the barriers that are in the way of us actually accomplishing that goal.

    "Everybody is connected now with international trade. Everyone will be affected by what happens with the European currencies and that's a significant issue everyone is concerned about."

    A list posted on the website www.bilderbergmeetings.orgshows other attendees at this year's meeting included Bill Gates, former U.S. treasury secretary Robert Rubin and former U.S. secretary of state Henry Kissinger.

    Campbell said: "I think I was probably invited because British Columbia is seen as a province that's leading Canada -- doing a lot of interesting things.

    "Our economy is one of the best in the country and has been for a number of years now."

    Campbell's trip was paid for by the provincial government.

    Here is Gordie at the Bilderberg meeting in Spain (in the background, white hair, hand on hip, black frame glasses), and that's CBC anchor Peter Mansbridge in the foreground.


    Photo courtesy of the London Guardian, which covered the Bilderberg meeting this year:

    Also, the Steering Committee of the Bilderberg Group (which sets the agenda for the conferences and also invites the guests), includes a man named Peter D. Sutherland, Chairman of BP and Goldman Sachs International, and former Chairman of Royal Bank of Scotland. He is also chair of European Round Table of Industrialists, Chairman of the Trilateral Commission, and was the first Director-General of the World Trade Organization. BP has long been represented at Bilderberg meetings, along with Royal Dutch Shell.

    Campbell also could have been invited because of the HST tax he is imposing on the people of BC, which "is a $1.9-billion annual tax shift from business to individuals. That benefits the corporate sector, which donated generously to the B.C. Liberals before the 2009 election."

    Thus, Campbell shows a favouritism towards private profits over the public good. That means he has 'potential' in the eyes of the Bilderberg group.

    Campbell has also been at the forefront of the TILMA trade agreement, which recently was re-named as a trade agreement between BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan. According the the Canadian Union of Public Employees, TILMA "directly confront basic constitutional norms, including the rule of law and democracy."

    With the joining of Sask in May, the agreement was basically renamed the "New West Partnership," which is "a wide-ranging agreement Friday aimed at boosting trade, reducing regulatory barriers and raising the profile of the West in Asia and other international markets."

    Gordon Campbell, the "last champion of financial deregulation"*, is JUST the type of man to be invited to Bilderberg, and is JUST the type of man to grant contracts to BP, implement damaging free trade programs and is at the forefront of North American integration.


    That's our Gordie!