Finding a Roommate in NYC

  • ajw18

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    Jun 19, 2010 8:51 PM GMT
    I have been commuting from NJ to NYC for my job and have just moved to Queens with my aunt last week. The travel time to Downtown is a lot shorter, but I am still looking for an apartment in Manhattan.

    All of my friends have already signed leases, so I am looking into renting a random room in an apartment with existing tenants or finding a roommate online.

    Other than Craig's List, does anyone know any other resources to look into? Any positive or negative experiences with this process?
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    Jul 16, 2010 6:11 PM GMT
    If you're working in Downtown Manhattan, living in Queens isn't that bad. The N train only takes maybe 20 minutes at most times- not including the waiting for the train. If you're looking for an apartment, it's hard to get one; I'm not so sure about already existing tennants though. Classifieds always has some random stuff you might want to look into. But honestly, if you're not that far from the N train or if you could just get an apartment in Queens, it's just as good. Maybe you save money from not needing to take the train, but the rent in downtown is really high. Even places like Chinatown are packed, small, yet incredibly high for an okay neighborhood.
    If Craigslist doesn't work, local classifieds I guess.
    I hope you get a place soon if you don't want to stay with your Aunt. X]