Your most embarrassing moment?

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    Jun 21, 2010 12:05 AM GMT
    I have so many...2 that come to mind are...

    When I was married I came home from working 2nd shift, and was horny as hell, couldn't wait so I was rubbin one out on the couch and my wife walked in and just stood there as if she couldn't believe I was masturbating. I thought to myself "fuck it" it was feeling to good to stop so I finished, lmao!!

    Another is, years ago I was coming home from a club and couldn't wait. While driving I pulled my pants down and started stroking....just about the time I was getting ready to cum I see these blue lights lighting up the car and in my mirror! DAMN!! It was the police. Ever try pulling up your pants with cum all over you, pulling your car over to get a speeding ticket all at the same time? It wasn't pretty. Lmao!!

    Set your ego aside....whats some of your most embarrassing moments?
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    Jun 21, 2010 12:13 AM GMT
    Oh we can't beat those examples, ROFL!

    But here's one of ours. The first year we met we went to a huge event downtown on New Year's Eve, First Night.
    We got very drunk walking around with magnums of champagne hidden in our backpacks and easily accessible through, yep, you guessed it, aquarium hosing, from the bottle and up through the jacket. Yowzers.

    Then we walked up onto Davie street (some of you will know this place, near Bute) to a little hole in the wall all night pizza take-out. It was 4am and packed. We each took turns keeping our place in line.
    I had to pee, so went down a back alley. When I came back Bill was inside. I couldn't see him for the the throng of people.

    I was pressed up against the giant restaurant window that began knee high, trying to see him. I was so out of it, I'd forgotten to PULL UP MY JEANS!!!!! Everyone inside was laughing and pointing, and what did I do? I looked behind me to see what the fuss was. That, Bill said later, sent the place into hysterics. icon_redface.gif