World OutGames: Track and Field

Photo Credit: Andrew Delaware
Brian Lambert, center, is an out high school teacher and track coach from Kingston, Ontario. Brian took the silver medal in an exciting 400-meter hurdles event. We caught up with him while he was still breathing heavy to ask him a few quick questions.

How do you feel about your race?
I feel really good. When I first decided to come here, I was hoping just to come and finish the race. As I got here, I was motivated to try a bit harder, realizing that everyone here is an athlete first, and gay and lesbian second. That's been a very cool thing.

The 400-meter hurdles is a long race. What points are you most aware of having just finished it?
Around the last corner. When you are coming around that last corner and see the 100 meters to go, you realize, I don't want to go any more. You've got to just dig down, think about technique and drive to the finish.

And you did, so you pulled something out from within yourself to keep it going.
Yeah, I was really happy with my result. I was leading at about 300. The one guy caught me, but I was really happy about that. A lot of students at school knew I was coming here, so it will be nice to go back with a medal.