Gay Team Spotlight: San Diego Bulldogs

Photo Credit: Courtesy of the San Diego Bulldogs
That doesn't deter the curious from swinging by during team practice or at tournaments to check out the action. Often those onlookers leave a little disappointed since, as Bulldogs team captain Greg Lines says with a laugh, "we're not all naked."

Yet don't let that deter you from trying the sport out. There are numerous benefits to joining a wrestling team, from getting into excellent physical shape; to dramatically improving your speed, power, and coordiation; to bonding with other team members. Lines encourages his 27 wrestlers to not only practice twice a week but to socialize throughout the year. The amateur freestyle team also caters to a diversity of goals, from the person who just wants to have fun to the athlete intent on competing.

"I keep to the basics," Lines says about his coaching philosophy. "My main thing is cardiovascular training and endurance. We're a bunch of weekend warriors."

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