Gay Team Spotlight: San Diego Bulldogs

Photo Credit: Courtesy of the San Diego Bulldogs
The camaraderie and the mental dexterity the sport requires appeals to Ho, a UCSC student and professional dancer. Since he joined the team in September, he's seen his dancing benefit as well.

Ho learned about the Bulldogs from a notice in the Gay and Lesbian Report that highlighted a free beginners clinic the team was sponsoring. He and about six others showed up, and before he knew it he was hooked. Now he sings the praises of wrestling.

"It's a psychological sport of guts and intimidation at times," he explains. "It's not necessarily about how strong you are."

The former competitive figure skater also finds wrestling to be far more exciting than bodybuilding.

"Lifting weights is boring," he says. "Wrestling really keeps you on your toes, with its strong cardio training and full body workout."

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